Peak 2 Brew Relay: CAT

On October 15th, 2023 the original "Woo team" reunited and was back in action for another great race to raise more funds for supporting our veterans getting outdoors. 

This was an epic event where the team rocked our official headbands, which are available for sale now 

If there's one race you should attend, this is the one! Ommegang hosted a killer after party and had some delicious beers. 

Check back soon for 2024 dates at Peak 2 Brew CAT

Peak 2 Brew Relay: ADK

On August 18th, 2023 another team of runners represented Vet Rec to bring more awareness to our cause and raise additional funds. The team comprised of an Air National Guard member and Air Force Reservist, and a Marine departing for OCS and three civilians with relatives who have served. We raised nearly $1500 to help support expenses related to helping veterans find an outdoor recreational hobby for mental health. See the blog for a reflection piece by the founder herself!

See you next year? Check back and sign up at Peak 2 Brew ADK 

Peak 2 Brew relay: FLX 

on May 21 2023, we ran a relay as a fundraising opportunity to bring awareness to Vet Rec. We raised nearly $1000 to help support veterans with gear and travel expenses to get outside as part of our outdoor initiative program. Since it was a fundraising event, we allowed non-military affiliated runners to participate and help raise money. As we continue to participate, we hope that we can get more veterans out on the course to join us! Additional race report in the blog. 

Peak 2 Brew FLX