2024 Virtual Murph Challenge

On Memorial Day, thousands of fitness centers will host workouts for members to participate in the Murph WOD in honor of Michael Murphy, a Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient that was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. We wanted to enable some of our more introverted veterans and those who work out at home to tap in virtually as an effort to encourage more people to try the workout and hopefully connect some veterans in the process. The Overwatch Collective and Vet Rec have some incredible sponsors putting together a nice prize package for one lucky winner who shares their experience on Instagram with the hashtag #vetrec

Women's Hike with Open Doors Outdoors

On June 29th, Vet Rec will be collaborating with Open Doors Outdoors to host their very first all womens hike in New Hampshire. The group will be summitting Mt. Pierce, one of the State's "High Peaks." We do encourage participants to have appropriate footwear that is broken in and a base level of fitness to be able to withstand the roughly 6 miles and 2400' of elevation gain. If interested, the time to start training is now. Do not hesitate to contact either organization with questions about preparation or interest in this event.

Retreat weekend with Idaho Backcountry Veterans

In August, we will be collaborating with Idaho Back Country Veterans and Fireside Pine to host a weekend for about a dozen veterans in the Challis National Forest. The group will spend the weekend fishing and camping in the back country, with a few of the participants embarking on a journey up Borah Peak, Idaho's highest point of elevation. We look forward to bringing together strangers and leaving as a family, with hopes that the veterans will stay in touch and spend more time outside together.