Officially Recognized

IT'S OFFICIAL!!!  Our letter of recognition has arrived!

Whew. After months of trying to sort this all out, I finally received in writing that we have been approved of 501(c)(3) status, effective the same day as I was approved for status in the state of Kansas. Though it was a very stressful year, I am relieved to have all my paperwork in order. When I started this journey, I really didn't expect it to be this difficult because everyone else makes it look so easy. But I promise if you're interested in running a non-profit single handedly, you really need to have your heart in it. A lot of your effort will go unnoticed, you will question your self-worth, you'll wonder where the heck your supporters are, and if you're not a quitter, you'll get back up the next day and run through that rollercoaster of emotions all over again. 

No one calls, and hardly anyone checks in, but the silver lining in engaging in the sometimes-exhausting world of social media is that you WILL meet like-minded people who will support you and join your circle. I'm blessed for the support of Army Veteran Chris from Squatch Survival Gear, who's friendship and donations have superseded my expectations and Raylene from Ditale Outdoors for her kindness and support of me venturing into the hunting realm to help find more ways to connect with veterans in Kansas. I thought this would have moved more quickly, but I had a long, hard lesson in patience and "trusting the process." Hurry up and wait, amiright?

Anyway, we now have an EIN and can do some official fundraising and conduct operations.