To provide recreational therapy opportunities to Veterans pursuing mental health improvement by means of counsel and sponsorship.


Veteran Recreation Corporation strives to assist veterans in their journey to find positive coping mechanisms in the recreation industry. We hope that supporting beneficiaries of this program financially will eliminate barriers that prevent them from being able to create a lifestyle change for the better.


Work to create a reliable network of Veteran Service Organizations and Veteran owned companies for effective communication and collaboration.

Ensure every veteran who reaches out receives optimal support even if VR cannot single handedly support the request. 

Which includes, but is not limited to:

helping with planning, preparing, and/or locating products and services to support an individual's goals.

general outreach (emotional support, encouragement, lending an ear, etc.)

connecting veterans with similar interests.

referring veterans to other opportunities within the VSO network.

Provide/help seek out additional mental health resources for veterans and military service members.

Promote recreation as a healthy coping mechanism for improving mental health.

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